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Upper Elementary, Week of January 13th

We began our week with lots of rain and a few school days stuck inside, but we worked hard and continued to have fun! This week, we've chatted about trying to stay germ-free in the coming weeks. Some germs are making their way around our school, so I reminded the class about frequent hand washing, getting plenty of sleep, and putting good things into their body during this time of year. Fresh air and Vitamin D are helpful too!

Thank you to those who were able to make it out to Curriculum Night. Teachers spend a great deal of time preparing for this evening, so we appreciate your attendance. It was great to be able to share with you all that we've been doing this year, will continue to do, and what we'll work on next year.

Our class has enjoyed watching the news all year, but this week, CNN10 began encouraging classes to comment on their broadcasts for a chance of receiving a "shout out" the following day's broadcast. Students have been extremely motivated to get a "shout out," so we commented a few times this week. CNN10 is a great "down the middle," 10-minute account of recent news events. The show's host, Carl Azuz, is adored by our class. He ends most broadcasts with a rap or a series of puns, which they're always entertained by.

Aside from the many dates listed in our newsletter, please refer back to Ms. Maya's email about Kids' Night Out on Friday, January 24th. Please consider supporting our Middle Schoolers as they raise funds for their Extended Learning Field Trip!

Check out what we've been up to this week in Upper Elementary, by viewing the below newsletter.

Have a lovely 3-day weekend!

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