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Weekly Stories, Energy, & Gravity! (Upper El)

*our space got a little more comfortable this week with some new additions 👍

This week we introduced "Weekly Stories" and the topic of energy. Then, we dove into our first type of energy that we'll study this year: Gravitational Energy.

Everyone explored our Upper El area on Tuesday, finding objects that gave off energy and thought about the source of that energy. We noticed how there are many different types and identified all of them, from electrical to nuclear!

And, what better way to start learning about gravity and gravitational energy than to recreate Galileo's famous experiment! We didn't have the tower of Pisa to use, but we had dodgeballs, soccer balls, and our playground instead! We listened as two balls of different weights fell and hit the ground. Did they hit at the same time? We used our ears and found that they did.

The next day we took our experiment further to decide what gives an object more gravitational energy? Is it the mass, the height, or both? This time, we dropped rulers into the sandbox to see how deep they went. Our conclusion: more mass means more energy, and more height means more energy.

We've just scratched the surface of gravity and energy and can't wait to dive into some more lessons next week and get back to building soon!

Upper El also got a makeover at the end of the week by erecting a new tent to make our outdoor space more comfortable, and by placing tennis balls on the bottoms of chairs to stop the problem of them sinking into the ground.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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