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Welcome back (and a brief message on DGS social media)

Greetings all!

I know all teachers will be gradually repopulating this blog with their own musings and GRATITUDES upon the start of the new school year. However, I wanted to quickly post my own glee regarding the first day of school. As I sit typing under the sycamore out front, I can hear the lower el kids inside busily exploring Mrs. Heidi's classroom just a few feet away, and I can hear the middle schoolers trumpeting like elephants about a quarter-mile down the hill (because they're middle schoolers, bless 'em). And it is SO uniquely awesome to get to work in such a place as this and to see our students jump right into this year with just as much zeal as their teachers.

I also wanted to let you know that I'll be endeavoring to expand/enrich our social media presence over the next few weeks. The goal is to give you a number of portals through which to connect to the school, and more ways to get useful info. To that end, I'll invite you to find DGS through the following apps and sites:

Twitter: (or @DgsGreenSchool - curse you, Twitter character limitations!)

Instagram: (or @davidsongreenschool)

TikTok (yes, we're gonna have a Tik Tok lol - probably mostly recess dances or basketball trick-shots): (or @davidsongreenschool)

I hope you'll follow us on any/all of the platforms you use, and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to hit me up at

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