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Welcome December!

It was good to be back after a welcome rest and time with family. This week we started to discuss the winter holidays around the world. So many festivals/celebrations/holidays are centered around the celebration of light

We learned that St.Lucia Day is a winter holiday celebrated in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland on December 13th. We took out our map of Europe to see where these counties are located. We learned that this holiday is in honor of Saint Lucia. She was known as the Queen of Lights, and because of this, light is a big theme for the holiday. On St. Lucia day young girls dress like Saint Lucia. They wear white robes, red sashes, and wreaths of candles on their heads signifying lighting the way through the darkness of winter.

Kindergarten made cinnamon raisin bread yesterday and took it home today to share with you. They are busy embracing skip counting and are super excited about it.

Today we welcomed two visitors, prospective students for next year. So hard to believe that we are already thinking about next year!

Everyday brings new conversations about where the elf has been hiding in all of your homes 😊 Excitement is mounting for the holidays and it is lovely to see their innocence. We will embrace their excitement and joy over the next couple of weeks.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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