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Welcome Fall

This week we began to delve into the changes we are beginning to see as we welcome in a new season! We are learning about the changes in the weather, the trees and what animals are doing as they prepare for winter!

We just began our class project for the art auction in November and we are working hard on our song for the variety show.

Each morning I have something covered in my basket (basket courtesy of Nora's family) and the children (with a few hints) have to try to guess what it is. So far I have had 2 geometric solids hidden in there .... one day was a sphere and then a cube. The challenges for the children to figure out since then have been a different cube or sphere hidden in my basket that is from a material in the classroom such as a pink tower cube, a cube from the binomial cube, the earth to name a few. It's fun for the children to imagine what might be in there and also to recognize that these solids are all around us!

Kindergarten made applesauce today and we will enjoy it on Monday since we are out of school tomorrow.

Hope everyone stays safe in the storm

ThenPrimary Team

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