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“What is a weed? A plant whose virtues have not yet been discovered.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

UE with Ms. Shannon

How does a sustainably-focused school with an emphasis on mindfulness honor Earth Day? While it is a thread of our every day fabric, during this past week that culminated on Earth Day, we dug deeper.

After returning from spring break, we set off for a walk with Ms. Kathleen. She helped us notice and think. We examined two front landscapes. One rather barren with a shrub, and the other lush with a variety of shrubs, plants, flowers and mulch. The latter has the capacity to support a healthy ecosystem. We compared two lawns, one bright, clean and green and the other inconsistent with grass and weeds. We learned that the only way to have a weed-free lawn is pesticide. She encouraged us to refrain from judgment and instead share the knowledge. When we know better, do better. As we continued our walk, we took the time to meet different weeds and talk about their uses, taste them , sit with and sketch. We took time to find a peaceful place in nature and just be. Be quiet and with our thoughts.

  • A letter of gratitude to our Earth

  • A promise to the Earth

  • A walk in the woods

  • Music about our Earth and all of her gifts

  • Art made with the beauty of nature

  • Time together

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