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What kind of Island would you like to live on?

Kindergarten had fun this week as they completed their 'My place in space project'. They also created their own Islands as they began learning about landforms.

Pin-punching is a work that (as you will see from the picture below) requires much concentration and is excellent for strengthening fingers in preparation for writing.

The concentration that our children put into their work is evident in these pictures, every 'work' has a purpose and is working towards future development.

Cleaning up and leaving the work ready for the next person is a must!

Victories are shared daily in all they do, hearing a child's pride in her accomplishment of putting her fingered gloves on by herself was priceless! Watching a 4 year old do what is 'perceived by 4 and 5 year olds' as Kindergarten work and seeing him succeed at it is also priceless. What a fun place to be every day for all of us!!!!

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