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What makes a shadow?

This week we read about Groundhog Day and learned what makes a shadow.

We continued with our unit on solids, liquids and gases with a focus on solids. We observed and classified different solids and from our observations we concluded that solids can be different in size, texture, color and shape. They can be plastic, elastic and rigid. We scratched some rocks and noticed some are easier to scratch than others…our deduction was that they have different levels of hardness!

This morning we read a book on silence and then observed silence for a whole minute….we talked about how we felt afterwards and then we offered each other peace.

it was wonderful to have the opportunity to talk with you all this week and share information with you. Please remember to get your valentines ready this week for the 14th. Our new classroom is really coming along and it is so exciting to see the changes everyday!

Have a great weekend.

The Primary Team

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