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What sound is that?

We are working hard with sounds as you will see during the Literary Tea. If for any reason your child will not be able to attend the Literary Tea, please let us know now. We are working together as a group for this and it will make a difference if someone is not able to participate. The date for Literary Tea is March 31st. (Time to be determined)

At the same time we are also getting ready for the Spring performance. This will be on April 21st (shortly after Spring break) and Prumary is performing Stone Soup all by themselves! Again important to let us know if for some reason your child will not be present for this performance.

The chicks are getting big and will soon be moving to their next spot as they are growing out of their brooding area. They have given us so much pleasure watching them grow and change!

There are going to be a few very chilly mornings next please make sure your child dresses for the doubt they will try to persuade you otherwise!

All of Primary planted a future 'surprise' with Ms. Paula on Thursday!

Next week as we prepare to celebrate the Soring Equinox, we will discover how it is celebrated around the world. Since our time springs forward this weekend, prepare yourselves for some sleepy children on Monday morning!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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