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Winter weather?

What a wonderful spring like week it was, everyone was really feeling so upbeat with the warmer temperatures!

We have reorganized yet again and the children enjoyed doing works outside and inside the dome. Kindergarten remains in the classroom more spread out. The other groups are staggered and come to the classroom later in the morning when Kindergarten are outside. Lunches are staggered to accommodate more space between children. Everything went very well with the new changes!

This week we talked about the inauguration of our new President and Vice President of many firsts. We read about Martin Luther King during Kindergarten time and discussed inclusiveness. We also had conversations about playtime and interacting with each other. On circle the children all understand ‘kind words’, taking turns, only being in charge of yourself etc. Putting that in to practice is a little more challenging for them, so we are working with them during their play. Some examples of this would be: instead of “you have to be the tagger, baby“etc. using words like “what would you like to be” and ”would you like to take a turn being ....”. It is a work in progress.

Much is being accomplished inside and outside of the classroom, as you can see from the pictures.

I hope everyone has a great week

The Primary Team

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