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Autumn is here!

Hooray for the changing of the seasons! September held that incredible transition from summer to fall, and here in the forest we have embraced it. We started this month with a few days that were too hot for exploring so we played Legos in the classroom or had games and bubbles at the cottage.

As summer began to lose her fiery grip we found solace in shady walks through the woods. Slowing down to really look around us led us to find empty cicada shells, a really big snail, even our resident turtle!

We played in the creek and the kids have learned how to swing like a pirate on the rope swing! I wish I had pictures of that but I have to have my hands free to help them if they need it. The goal is increased confidence through managed risk taking. And then autumn arrived! We were lucky enough to see the end result of an engineering class that explored balance and we were inspired to make our own fort. Everyone worked together to gather sticks to make a lean-to. Davidson made a leaf flag and Georgia posted our sign. Their imaginations began to flow as they planned what they would build. It went quite beyond what we made, complete with a ladder and a second story. I had to reassure Georgia that we wouldn't leave our homes to move into our Forest Fort!

As we move into October, I'm so grateful for our time in the woods and the way nature reminds us that we are all connected. I hope you and your family get to go exploring too!

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