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Chickens & bunnies oh my!

I can't believe we are only one week back from break. We accomplished so much this week. The chicks have grown an incredible amount since they hatched and keep us fascinated with their behaviors! We had a bunny come to visit this morning courtesy of Nora's family and what a sweetheart. He spent the day with us in his pen and was up for lots of petting and love from the children, I have never seen a more friendly bunny! We may be having another special visitor next week.

We had two children visit this week and three more to come in the next couple of weeks. Our children seem so grown up beside our visitors. We are practicing for the Literary Tea at the end of the month and are also talking about what we going to be doing for the play.

We celebrated Sammy turning six this week. Our Kindergarteners are moving towards the next plane of development, it is an exciting time for them.

Spring is upon us and we are embracing all it has to offer, noticing all that is happening around us. It is a great time to also notice how much our children have grown physically, academically, socially and grateful for each and everyone of them.

Have a wonderful weekend.

The Primary Team

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