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Crisp Mornings & Apple Crisp

We have been discussing and embracing all that fall has to offer us. The crisp mornings, discovering why the are leaves are changing, animals preparing to migrate and hibernate and enjoying the fruits of fall.

Kindergarten baked apple crisp on Wednesday afternoon and we all enjoyed it on Thursday morning....yum!

The children are enjoying all our new works, sock washing is a definite favorite, pumpkin hammering, pumpkin scrubbing to name a few.

Sink and float was explored during one of our circle times this week and the children have been enjoying making their own discoveries with this work ever since.

Our song for the variety show is coming along so well....prepare to enjoy at the variety show coming up next Friday October 21st.

Art work is being created for the art auction on November 4th and the children are having such fun with their creations.

Picture day is Monday....please send them in with their beautiful smiles 😁

Have a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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