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What goes up must come down

This week was a little unusual with three half days but we managed to continue to explore volcanoes; where they are located, what makes them erupt, what erupts from a volcano and how long they can last. We also learned how with modern technology volcanic eruptions can now be predicted as opposed to years ago!Next week we will create our own Volcano and watch it erupt!

This morning we had a long discussion about feelings, how we might feel about something is valid and we are allowed to own and honor those feelings. We also discussed how we can express our feelings to another person without hurting their feelings. We talked about asking for some time and space for ourselves, we talked about clenching our fists and most of our bodies when we are angry and then letting those muscles relax and letting the anger go with them. Deep breathing was also discussed and sometimes just letting a person know that you need a moment by holding up your hand or finger and not saying anything. We talked about how every living thing has feelings and how when we lash out in anger, people will forgive but often times they don't forget the words that have been said. We explained that when they are having a tough morning, we send a picture and a message to you when they have recovered, so you are not stuck with that same picture in your mind of them being upset or sad.....essentially trying to let them know that how one person is feeling can affect another whether they are an adult or a child!

This week the children had an opportunity to squeeze oranges and make their own freshly squeezed juice which was definitely a favorite!

It was such a pleasure meeting with all of you over the past three days. It is always such a positive experience for us to share what the children are doing, and talk about their social, emotional and academic growth with you. It is also helpful to know what you see at home and just chatting with you helps us learn more about their lives in general.

Thanks to Sarah (Nora's mom) for bringing Daisy, Duke, Buttercup (baby goat) to visit us one morning this week, she was so sweet and it was lovely for us to see her and learn more about her!

Hhope everyone has a great weekend!

The Primary Team

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