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Elders - a practice in mindfulness

Elders surround us at DGS. They have been watching over our children since we arrived ten years ago. This week in mindfulness, we slowed down and connected with the elders on our campus, the beautiful old trees.

We connected with several trees around the property by taking turns walking up and greeting the tree, then with eyes closed, placing our hands on the tree, noticing what we felt as we connected with the tree, and then giving gratitude as we left. Our students had some incredible awareness around this experience. 

On a hike with your children this summer or in your yard, you can support them with this sweet practice which will support them in feeling calm, grounded, and connected with the natural world.

The Elder Tree Practice:

  1. say hello to the tree (out loud or in your heart)

  2. place your hand on the tree with your eyes closed

  3. notice what you feel as you connect with the tree

  4. give gratitude when you leave. 

They can also expand this practice by sitting next to the tree for a few minutes with their back leaned against the tree or journaling about what they are feeling sitting with the tree. Lots of possibilities, but the main one is to be still and connect with an elder.

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