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Greetings from the Forest

What a glorious season autumn is, and what a perfect time to be a forest explorer! I may have to begin writing this blog more often, we have done so many things! Even a stormy day led to a great new adventure exploring the quick moving creek. On the fall equinox we balanced river rocks and painted them. We found many raccoon tracks in the creek, so we read books about them, made our own masks, and listened to a recording of their vocalizations. This led to listening to other north American animals which brought lots of surprises. If you have never heard a porcupine, i highly suggest looking it up! For indigenous people day we learned about the Catawba tribe that is indigenous to this area. They have been creating incredible pottery for generations, harvesting the clay from the banks of the catawba River. So we harvested some clay from our creek to make our own pinch pots, then danced to the sound of Catawba drummers.

We were joined by the kindergarteners one afternoon and showed them around the creek.

Just recently we visited a middle school micronation and played in a new section of the creek. Percy had so much fun splashing in the creek his boots filled up water!

Now, with Halloween approaching we have been talking about nocturnal animals like the bat and owl.

Who knows what we may explore next? I hope all families are taking advantage of this wonderful weather and getting outside with your kids and making some of your own adventures!

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