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Greetings from The Forest

The first month of Forest Explorers has been a busy one! We have met the oak tree, dogwood tree and sweet gum tree. We have found ants and watched them through magnifying glasses. We've been on Mindful Walks, Collecting Walks, and Listening Walks. We have played Owls and Mice, London Bridge and Mr. Fox. We painted, colored and squished clay. We've done all of this outside, experiencing the changing of the seasons as we went from hot and buggy to cool and colorful. But perhaps most importantly, we have been becoming partners in exploration. We went on our first creek walk recently and when it was time to climb up the bank, I helped the oldest explorers out first, who then helped the younger ones when they climbed out. Once they were all out, I looked up and- there they were! The Forest Explorers! You never really know when a group will "gel". It was a beautiful moment! I definitely "paused", as Ms Kathleen has taught us, and soaked it in. The first picture I've posted here captures it. Hopefully October will bring many more magical moments! So until next time, I hope you get to explore often and always find the safe road home.

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Emily Patterson
Emily Patterson
Oct 09, 2022

Judith, we are so grateful for all you do! Sloane is learning so much in Explorers and her love of nature has grown!

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