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Labor of love

Each day is a labor of love for us in Primary! Everyone came back refreshed after the Labor Day long weekend and ready to work!

The children have settled remarkably well already and our class was completed this week with the return of Percy!

Since we have moved into apple picking season, some of our works pertain to apples. They are a safe snack in our class, so if you happen to go apple picking, feel free to send some in to us!

We continue to encourage

sitting with different children at lunch so the children can get to know each other.

Looking forward to talking with everyone next week at conferences. As a reminder we have conferences Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. These days are half days and so pick up is at 12.00. Thursday is a teacher workday, so it will be Friday before we resume our regular routine! On half days children bring only a snack and water bottle…no lunch.

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