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Lessons from Mycelium

Relationship skills are one of the core competencies of Social Emotional Learning. This week, we looked at the framework of a forest system, particularly the cooperation and collaboration of mycelium (the main stage of a mushroom's life cycle and from which the fruiting body grows) and plants and their fascinating underground mycorrhizal network for lessons on how to be in community with one another.

Since the beginning of school, our incredible teachers have been nurturing community formation within each of their classrooms. We believe a sense of belonging and feeling part of the community is essential to the well-being of young people. Overnight field trips help support the community formation happening in the classroom.  

During our time together in mindfulness, we created our own "mycorrhizal network," which offered us a visual representation of the connections unseen within community but felt. One of the core takeaways was that we do nothing in isolation. We are inherently part of a community, and our actions impact those around us. Building awareness of how our actions can have an effect beyond ourselves is an important lesson in developing relationships skills.

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