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Mindfulness: Sleep Hygiene

In keeping with this month's mindfulness theme of following the natural rhythm of the season, which is rest and stillness -- last week's focus was on sleep. Why is something so natural and important as sleep so challenging at times?

The answers to this question vary, but two factors that stand out are circadian rhythm and stress. This week's lesson on sleep hygiene addresses both. 

During class, we talked about three things they can do to support themselves with sleeping better. The first two strategies involve getting off screens an hour before bedtime and having low, cozy lighting where they are hanging out. In order to signal melatonin production, which helps them to get sleepy naturally, there needs to be a shift to darkness. With bright lights or screens, their pineal gland doesn't get the memo -- it's time for rest.

The third suggestion for good sleep hygiene is to relax, which resets the body. I shared with them a specific breathing practice that supports their body in winding down from the busyness of the day, but anything that helps them to get cozy and settled in hits the mark. I will review the breathing practice with them next week. With mindfulness and mastery, repetition is key.

Happy sleeping!

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