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MS Science & Engineering 1/10/20

Busy busy busy!

Right back to work this week. In middle school, we have been focusing on our upcoming science fair projects, and specifically registering for the event at UNCC. At the same time, students have been busy completing the experimentation phase of their projects, and they will move into “analysis mode” beginning next week.

We will be having a DGS Science Fair on 2/18 from 1-3p, and will be inviting parents to tour the projects from grades 1 through 8.

We are also excited about our class contribution to the DGS Art Auction event which has been moved to 2/20. More info on what they’re working on to come!

Lastly, because we just can’t leave well enough alone, we began a new independent engineering project this week - the Squeal Wheel! This requires students to develop a wheel-and-axle ideal for rolling down a ramp and across the building. In the process we are exploring the Laws of Motion, Universal Gravitation, and the principles of rotation and angular momentum.

We plan to test these devices on 1/21.

On Friday, we heard from Andrew, who presented a delightful masterclass on the subject of mountain biking. We were also treated to an awesome display of aviation in the form of our new class mascot, DeMarcus the Hawk. The MS boys were grateful that he did not carry any of them away to his nest and feed them to his young.

It was nice to be back from break and see everyone recharged and ready to attack the new year’s challenges!

Have a great weekend!

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