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Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah!

What I like about the Spring.....apart from it‘s beauty and hope is where we are with the children at this time of year. They are at such a good place academically and emotionally and the bonds between the teachers and children are so makes my heart sing!

We had such fun preparing for the Literary Tea, the children really embraced it and loved performing for you all yesterday! Thank you all for coming and for the snacks you brought!!! The’poem’ they recited is actually a song which I played for them this morning and their squeals of laughter and excitement could be heard all over DGS.

Everyone is extremely excited for our field trip on Monday, we will meet you at Fisher Farm at 9am and pick up is at 1 pm from Fisher Farm also. Please pack a lunch and a water bottle for your child. Also, please apply sunscreen and bug spray at home. Closed toed shoes are also important for this trip. They can wear their DGS shirts foe the trip Expect them to be exhausted when you pick them up....they always are!

We had an unexpected visitor this afternoon....what a beauty!

Hope you all have a wonderful


The Primary Team

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