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Picture Day, Personal Narratives, and Native Peoples (Upper El: 10/12-10/16)

We had a great week together in Upper El! The class learned some breakfast, lunch, and dinner vocabulary in Monday's Spanish lesson. We continued learning about the native peoples of North Carolina, and made good progress with our personal narratives. Math groups worked at their individual paces on various math topics. The class has really been enjoying their spooky October literature circle books, and I've been so impressed with how diligently they've been reading and completing their jobs for their group each day.

A nasty cold ripped through my household this week, which sparked a class conversation about reminders for staying as healthy and germ-free as can be. We reminded each other not only of the things to continue doing in school, but also ways to be responsible outside of school, including getting ample sleep, putting good things into our bodies, and keeping our social circles small.

Harrison's pizza lunch bunch was a great success, as was Picture Day! Our class is oh so excited for Halloween. Students will be responsible for planning our class celebration, but some information is provided in this week's newsletter below.


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