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St. Nicholas Day, The Second Great Lesson, and more practical life... among other things!

It was another chock-full week in DGS Lower Elementary! We started Monday off with a lesson about the holiday of St. Nicholas day, which is a traditional German holiday associated with Christmas. Isabella's mom, Claudia, graciously came in to talk to us and answer questions about this holiday.

Then, since we FINALLY had all children present, I jumped at the opportunity to present the second great lesson, "The Coming of Life". This impressionistic lesson, given in story-telling form, is the springboard for many varied History works, most importantly the Timeline of Life, which will be introduced as soon as we have all the children present again!

We continued to work one-on-one with the children on detailed and thoughtful work planning, as well as successful follow-through and execution, and by the end of the week, we were seeing a marked improvement for all! It's hard work, but consistency and follow-through eventually pay off with internalization that becomes automatic!

I introduced a new lesson on table scrubbing, that quickly become a class favorite.

The dreidel work is always an exciting winter math addition