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Thank you!

This fall season has me in awe of the beauty around me. Right now I'm very thankful for the support of the teachers at DGS. I was hit quite suddenly with bronchitis, the kind that only goes away with medicine and rest. So I'm sending a heartfelt THANK YOU to Collette, Belkis, Paula and Derek for making it possible for me to stay home until I'm better. Yall are THE BEST. I'm also thankful that they got to enjoy hanging out with the Forest Explorers because they are awesome and so is the season! Autumn brings so many colors, smells, sounds and textures, there is just so much to explore! We went on a scent walk, made owl art with fluffy sycamore seeds, listened to crows calling to each other, and made art with red leaves and blue paint. We met the Elm tree and the Sycamore tree. We played in the sand when the creek was dry and splashed in the water when it was running. And we saw baby salamanders! At least I did, they are incredibly quick and good at hiding. I'm so grateful to get to experience all of these things with the wonderful kids of Forest Explorers. As always, I will leave you with some pictures so you can enjoy it too.


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