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The countdown has begun

How did we get here so quickly? Another year is almost over and as we sail through the last few weeks, we look for a balance between work and play. We see the fruits of our labor every day in what the children have accomplished and we see them take such pride in all they do!

This week we saw so many children succumb to sickness and hope everyone gets an opportunity to rest over the weekend and feel well next week! We continued to learn more about insects this week, and what they can do for our gardens. We discussed how we can balance the good and the bad in our gardens in a natural way, a way that is good for the environment!

Kindergarten baked for the last time this year and shared their cinnamon sugar tortilla cookies with all of the group on Thursday morning!

Looking forward to lots of different and fun experiences with the children over the next couple of weeks. Also, looking forward to sharing our experiences with you all next week at conferences.

Have a great weekend.

The Primary Team

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