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The 'star' of the show

This week Kindergarten shared some of what they have learned about the solar system with the rest of their primary friends. It turned out that the sun was the star of the show!!!! We discussed many facts about the planets and the fact that the sun is indeed a star on which we are dependent . Land, air and water were introduced and we realized how easy it is to see land and water but we blew up a balloon with.....air. The fun part for everyone was letting the air out!!!

We have begun to learn about our bodies, starting with our skeleton and the many bones we have hidden inside of us. The children were surprised to learn that babies have a lot more bones than adults. Next time you eat a grain of rice, remind your child that the smallest bone in our bodies is in our ear and it is the same size as a grain of rice. We explored the relationship between bones and joints and found out how they work together to make us flexible. We have named some of our bones and enjoyed singing 'dem bones' and dancing to it!

We used our scales to weigh the amount of tabs we have now and it turns out we have 311 grams worth! Some addition was required to pick up from our last count and turns out we were right!

Why are we called mammals? And what is a mammal that flies and loves mosquitoes? Ask your child and see if they remember?

Ms. Kathleen brought a friend this week to our music time which then turned into a full music jam along with Mr. Billy. What a fun time everyone had.

We have worked hard over the past six weeks to get our routine down to a science and we are almost there. It is quite amazing to see how well the children have assimilated into our group The amount they have accomplished in such a short time is remarkable.

Looking at next week being a four day week followed by fall break, if you have not already filled out your permission slip for our trip on the 18th, please take a few moments to do so this weekend.

Hope everyone enjoys the cooler weather that is coming our way.

The Primary Team

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