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Top Five Cold Weather Pro Tips:

1. Dress in layers and have them labeled.  A warm-core will help their extremities stay warmer.  

  • Count the layers that they wear to school, and remind them to count their layers as they pack up for the day.  The numbers should match.

  • If it is a windy day, all the layers in the world won’t help to keep them warm; they will need a shell (this can even be a rain jacket) to block the wind.

2. On an unusually cold day, to keep their feet warm, ditch the cotton socks.  

  • Cotton isn’t a good insulator and absorbs moisture.  It isn’t about the thickness of the sock, but the material.  

  • I am a fan of merino wool socks.  Wool or wool blends work great, and there are also synthetic materials like thermolite that will keep your kiddos tootsie toasty.

  • Waterproof and preferably breathable shoes, like Merrill day hikers, will also help to keep your child’s feet warm.

3. Fingerless gloves.  This will help to keep their hands warm while working outside.  If their core is warm, these gloves will do nicely.  You can even find gloves with a mitten cover for when they aren’t working with their fingers.  

  • Talk with your child about putting their gloves in their pockets when they take them off.  For younger children, practice this with them.

4. Send a hat and/or neck gaiter.  These will help your child warm quickly if they get chilled. 

5. If there is a lot of moisture in the air and its cold, have your child wear synthetic or a merino wool base layer (a fantastic alternative to synthetics and doesn’t contribute to microfibers in water systems).  This will keep them from feeling damp and cold, which happens when wearing cotton in damp conditions. 

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