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Who's the boss?

This week we learned that the brain is the boss of our body! We learned that it is constantly working like a computer inside of us giving and receiving information via nerves to and from different parts of our bodies every second! We discovered why some people wear glasses and did an experiment to see how the convex lens helps by bending the light. We found out that our brain weighs about 3 pounds. We also learned that nerve messages travel as fast as a racecar, 250 miles per hour!!!

Primary is working on learning their songs and lines for the Winter Production of the Lorax on December 14th.(at 4.30). We read the book yesterday and this led to a discussion on the environment, how we take care of it and how much stuff we think we need but don't!!! Please let us know if for some reason you cannot attend. Kindergarten will attend Hearts on Fiber on December 1st (a walking field trip) and The Nutcracker in Charlotte on December 15th. Email to follow!

After Thanksgiving we will be having our school wide intersession which means we are on call to practice or be involved in any part of the show production that we are asked to at any time. Our routine will be different and it will be a wonderful experience for the children to participate in a school wide production. Ms. Catherine spoke with us all at the staff meeting about this and it sounds like it will be quite the production!

We weighed our pop tabs this morning and our grand total so far is 622 grams! We celebrated Michael's 6th birthday on Tuesday. Kindergarten began skip counting with the long chains this week and one of our students made the connection between the sets of five on the clock and the sets of five in the chain...always wonderful when they make these connections between materials!

One more week until Thanksgiving break and the holidays will begin. In honor of all the holidays that celebrate light, we will begin our exploration of these on :Monday when we learn about Diwali.Hope everyone has now adjusted to the time change and although the light has left us earlier in the evening, it brings us joy earlier in the mornings!

Have a great weekend.

The Primary Team


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