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Why We Play Chess at School

Chess Club started this week at DGS. We love chess. The students think it is fun, but as adults, we also love knowing all the benefits that the students get through playing this 1500 year old game.

From "10 benefits of teaching kids to play chess", here is why all students should play chess:

1. Chess helps prevent Alzheimer’s

2. It grows dendrites

3. Chess raises your kids IQ

4. It increases kid’s problem-solving skills

5. Chess improves spatial skills

6. It improves the memory of your child

7. It exercises both sides of the brain 

8. It increases the creativity of your kid

9. It improves the concentration in your child.

10. Chess teaches planning and foresight

Our students have weekly chess lessons, play with our oversized outdoor chess board, and participate in local chess tournaments... and as you can see in the picture with all the trophies, we do wonderfully!

We have an amazing chess teacher, Ms. Jessica Prescott, who owns, Over the Chess Board. If you are local and want more information, please contact her through her website.

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