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Dogwood Days 4/2

Spring brings so much growth and energy - we can feel it coursing through us and all around. And yet, it's the little details - the subtle, as Ms. Kathleen has been reminding us - that hold so much magic. In that spirit, and inspired by the Literary Tea, I offer you four senryu (haiku pattern, but about humans) - one for each of my sustainability classes. Accompanied by pictures of your amazing children, of course. 💚

Middle School

Loft-level partners,

Found upcycling ideas.

Laughter and layers

Upper Elementary

Friday afternoons -

Who's planting? Who's counting? Let's go!

Strong threads connect us.

Lower Elementary

Nothing's too tiny,

And no task's beyond us.

Earth's song on our lips


All systems on go,

Endless curiousity.

Just try to keep up!

Happy Spring Break!

💚 Ms. Paula

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