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Hooray for signs of spring!

We have made it through the worst of winter and the Forest is as happy as we are. We walked slowly down the Forest Path looking for signs of spring and we found trees and bushes beginning to bud, heard birds singing, and found a slug under a stump. Addie got it on a leaf

and we watched it surf around the stump, leaving it's silvery trail behind it. We painted snail figures. When I got them I didn't realize they had unicorn horns. (I mean really- why?) But the kids got a kick out of them. We learned about skunks and made some really cute clay skunks. We made pictures of cardinals while listening to their songs. One lovely afternoon we played in the creek and when we got back, the kids just wanted to play together. So that's what we did. The sun was warm and the breeze was cool; fluffy clouds danced across a blue sky; sounds of bird song and happy, safe children were all around me. Thank you all, so so much, for being part of Forest Explorers, I am so lucky to do what I do.

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